4 Things To Consider Before Renovating Your Home Yourself

home renovation

You and your partner have probably had many nights where you discuss renovating your home. As time goes on, the topic of renovating your home inches closer to becoming a reality and it starts getting to the point where you need to start ironing out the details of your home renovation. Although, before looking into home renovation you need to ask yourself: should you attempt it yourself or hire a professional? You might go to YouTube or DIY websites and feel confident that you could pull off a task like home renovation on your own. Chip and Joanna make it look so easy don’t they?? However, before you reach for a hammer for demo day, you should look into these 4 things to consider before renovating your home yourself.

 Do You Know What You’re Doing?

Websites and videos might look easy, but can you confidently stand in the archway of the room you want to renovate and say you know what you’re doing? Home renovation isn’t as simple as taking a sledgehammer and going crazy on a wall. It might look fun on home renovation shows, but there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes planning done before they start wailing away at the wall.  

Do You Have The Necessary Tools?

You might have the will and DIY knowledge to remodel, but do you have the tools? If you open the toolbox in your garage and only see a saw, a hammer, and some nails, then you might not be well-equipped for minor plumbing or electrical work (maybe also invest in a pair of jeans that won’t reveal too much plumber’s crack). You also need to consider if you need a permit for your remodeling task.

Do You Need A Permit?

Many homeowners aren’t aware that for small projects, they need to seek a permit from their city. Even the smallest remodeling projects beyond basic repairs could require a permit. New windows, siding changes, or even installing fences could require a permit from your city or country.

What Is The Cost Of Renovation?

One of the most important questions to ask yourself is if it’s worth doing it yourself versus hiring a professional. You have to consider that you might need to purchase expensive tools and hardware yourself. You also need to consider that if you don’t do it correctly, you might need to hire someone to fix what you messed up anyway. Which means you’re stuck with the cost of doing it yourself and the cost of hiring someone to do it for you. You might want to just remove the headache and hire someone off the bat.


Before launching into any kind of home renovation, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, you need to map out everything from the cost of renovation to the return on investment if your purpose is to increase the value of your home. Finally getting the topic or renovating your home off pillow talk and into reality can be very rewarding and give you a sense of accomplishment (whether or not you do it yourself). Just keep in mind if you don’t have the proper planning, whether it be structurally or financially, it could be potentially disastrous. Make sure you reach out to a professional like Tony McClung before attempting any renovation, even if it’s just aesthetically replacing tiles, so you can make the best decision for yourself, your family, and your home. Tony and his team will take care of everything for you - to make sure your renovation looks just as luxurious as your dreams!

Preparing for Fall: Home Care Necessities

fall cleanup

Happy Labor Day!!! Today is the day that we feel that summer is finally ending and fall is just around the corner. We know, September in Texas is still hot, but fall is coming soon!

The summer always seems like the most important months to maintain your home during. The spring usually necessitates tons of summer preparation projects and most renovations are done far in advance to the warmest months of the year.

However, fall and winter have huge impacts on the quality, health, and longevity of your home and yard. While the pre-summer landscaping and home renovation projects may be exciting, its important to pay due diligence to the necessary tasks of getting your home ready for the fall. So, on this “Fall is almost here day”, take some time today to prepare for the coming fall!

Preparing Your Luxury Home for Fall

Fall is a beautiful season, and with the right type of preparation and home care, you can have your stunning luxury home ready for the new season. We know fall chores don’t sound all that fun, but truth be told, it isn’t that hard to get your home ready for the fall!

Here are a few of our tips on how to get your home in the best condition for the fall season:

1)  Fertilizing Your Lawn

“Wait, isn’t fertilizing meant to be done at the beginning of the summer?”

Well, sure! It’s a good idea to renew the fertilizer at any time of the year, but research shows that fertilizing a lawn right before the fall actually improves the soil structure for the following year much more than a last-minute refresh in the spring. This is especially important if you live in dryer areas of the country.

If you use a great, carbon-based fertilizer, it will build up the structure of the soil, rather than offering the short-lived boost of most petroleum-based products.

2)  Cleaning the Gutters

Ick - we know, we know. Cleaning the gutters isn’t fun, but it doesn’t take long and it will increase the longevity of your home by preventing flooding, roof damage, and potential foundation issues. And yes, you read that right – improperly maintained gutters can lead to serious structural issues for your house. After all, that rainwater has to go somewhere!

3)  HVAC Servicing

A lot of people get their HVAC serviced right before summer, as they want to avoid the potential complications of it failing on a hot, humid day. But the truth is, your HVAC takes the most pressure during the summer months. The best time to service it is immediately after the hot months, somewhere around July-September, to make sure that everything is in good shape for the fall and to prevent any minor issues from becoming larger ones during the fall and winter.


There you have it! Fall preparation isn’t that difficult. It just takes a day or two of your time to diligently prepare your home for the new season and ensure your luxury home is always in tip-top condition. Pay special attention to the quality of your fertilizer and update it before the fall, make sure your gutters are clean to avoid flooding, and get your HVAC checked after the strenuous summer months and you’ll be well on your way to a beautiful fall season!

Preparing Your Home for the Back To School Season

back to school

The “Back To School” season is a major event not only for the kids, but for the entire family as well. Going back to school means busier schedules for everybody and more events, which equates ultimately to a much more dynamic, constantly-shifting lifestyle.

Preparing the Home for Back To School

Believe it or not, preparing for the back to school season has to do with more than buying notebooks and backpacks. The most important part to have ready is your own home. The more organized and prepared your home is for the school season, the less busy-work you’ll have to deal with when everyone is back to the grindstone.

Here are our tips on how you can prepare your home for the back to school season:

1)  Creating Working and Studying Areas

This can be as simple or complicated as you want. You don’t need to renovate a whole room to make an office or redo a section of the home to create a study area. A good work area should have plenty of natural light and be spacious enough to not feel stuffy.

Creating an effective study area can be as simple as placing a desk in front of a window, removing a TV from a room, or clearing out a cluttered area. Get creative with the space you have available!

2)  Cleaning the Entry Way or Mudroom

Yes – it actually is possible to organize the family’s shoes and jackets to make more space. It’s a bit of a project at first, but once you organize and clean your entry way, there will be less backpacks and school supplies laying in the middle of your living room.

3)  Set Up a Breakfast Station

It’s not too difficult. A simple, “serve yourself” buffet or hotel-lobby styled breakfast station can be hugely beneficial to you and the kids. Everyone knows where to go for what, and you’ll be doing less last-minute prep each morning before the kids run out the door.


Preparing your home for the school season is huge.A clean house and defined work-spaces can make for more focus and a less-chaotic household. Spend the extra time to create a few defined work and study areas, clean the entry way for school supplies and backpacks, and set up a simple morning breakfast station for the family! And, welcome back to school Dallas students!

Making Your House a Home

Tony McClung

A home is so much more than another building; it is a representation of the journey of your life. It reflects the real you and sends across the right vibe as well. Tony McClung believes in the same ideologies and this is why he doesn’t just design homes per se, he treats each one of them as an artistic masterpiece which will become one of the most coveted possessions for the owner.

The Man of Several Professionals

Tony McClung is not just a luxury home designer, but he is a jack of several trades. From honing the skills of a builder to that of an architect, foreman, and an architectural designer; he brings a lot more to the table which truly draws in the attention of his clients.

Giving It the Custom Touch

We believe that every home speaks a story and the story should always be yours. This is why adding your own customized and personal touches to your home are absolutely vital. Tony McClung is willing to be all ears to any special request you may have and he entertains them whenever they are erasable.

Based in one of the most upscale areas in Texas, most of his Highland Park homes truly stand out as they bear a testament to the amazing creative finesse and architectural brilliance he has. The best part about hiring him is that you do not need to be magnate to avail his services. He is aware that almost everyone has this dream to own the perfect house. So, he can craft the home to fit the budget you have in mind. His magical hands will add the wow factor and transfer the ordinary to extra ordinary.

Old or New – He Does it All!

Tony McClung is aware of the changing requirements of people. Some of us are on the lookout for a new home as we want to start afresh, with a clean slate and raise a toast to new beginnings. At the same time, there are a few people who want to hold on to the old memories and cling on to the place which has gifted them too many moments. They simply want it to have the artistic touch of new so that the old abode can reek of new memories and yet hold the nostalgia of the by-gone days.

So, no matter which category you fall into, Tony McClung is there to help. He can renovate your home artistically and let you hold on to the whiff of yesterday; while refining the image of tomorrow. At the same time, for the harbingers of change looking for a fresh start, you can be all set to witness an architectural masterpiece with his skilled magical ideas and vision.

So, if you are ready to weave magic to the place you call home; you know who you need to contact. Take a look at some of the current projects and the past work to gauge an idea as to what you should expect from this maestro of architectural designing. Give Tony McClung a call today at 214-668-7802!

Summers In Texas: Preparing Your HVAC for the Hot Season

air conditioner repair

HVAC can be a pain on finances and time. You spend so much throughout the year on electricity and gas for maintaining heating and cooling systems in your home, and right when you think you’ve spent enough, something breaks…

While some damage and general wear-and-tear is unavoidable, there are tons of helpful precautions and steps you can take to ensure longevity of your HVAC system and lower costs this summer season in the hot state of Texas. Here are some of our top recommendations!

Tips: Preparing Your HVAC System for Summer

Your primary objectives when preparing your HVAC system for summer should be to reduce the amount of wear that components of your system receive, as well as reducing the level of work your system does to a bare-necessities level. Here are our tips:

1)  Change the Filter

You’ve probably heard that more times than you count – it almost feels like servicemen are trying to upsell you for no reason. But in actuality, the filter in your HVAC system has huge implications on the health of your appliances.

When your filter gets dirty, the system must work harder to force air where it needs to go. If you frequently replace the filter, you’ll end up spending less on the additional components than you will on the monthly cost of electricity (and ultimately, the final price of replacing a broken HVAC system).

2)  Programming Your Thermostat

If you have a programmable thermostat, you could be saving tons of money on electricity. Believe it or not, raising the temperature of your HVAC system a mere 4-5 degrees while your gone at work for 8 hours can save you a few hundred bucks annually. Furthermore, the less the system must work to cool down your house, the longer it will last.

3)  Servicing Your System Frequently

It doesn’t cost much to hire a service or repairman (or to learn how to do these basic checks yourself.) There are plenty of key components in an HVAC system which can be easily and frequently checked for damage or wear-and-tear. If you check these on a continual basis, you can save yourself from hefty expenses in the future. There’s a large domino effect that the small components have on the larger ones.


In these hot Texas summers, we fork out a lot of money keeping our homes’ temperature regulated well. But many of us don’t realize we are spending more money than we need to. If you properly check your HVAC system’s components on a frequent basis, replace your air filter, and program your thermostat to raise in temperature while your gone at work, you will reduce the overall work your system needs to do. This will lower monthly electric costs as well as increase the longevity of your system overall!

Selecting Patio Furniture for Your Luxury Home

outdoor patio furniture

Most spring and summer home preparation happens to the exterior of your home – everything from cleaning the gutters, to reapplying asphalt for a driveway, mowing the lawn, landscaping, and power washing your house.

But while these are all necessities for a nice looking home, you’ll want an outdoor space that is welcoming and inviting for hosting friends, or at the very least, enjoying the outdoors in your own yard. Getting the right set of patio furniture can make the hot Texas summers so much more enjoyable. Here’s what we recommend you look for!

Selecting a Patio Furniture Set

There are so many different variations in color, design, and functionality of patio furniture. If you are looking for a simple, quick rundown on what to look for in different styles of patio furniture, here it is:

1.  Wicker Patio Furniture

Wicker, or resin wicker, is a weather-resistant synthetic material that gives a “woven” appearance to furniture made from the material. It has a very outdoor, natural appearance and often works well with both contemporary and modern looking homes.

While wicker patio furniture looks great, the drawback is that it tends to break down through the seasons. After a few years, many of the wicker strands unwind or break and can be a bit of a pain to manage. However, if you properly care for the patio furniture, it should last a while.

2.  Metal Patio Furniture

There are tons of different styles and types of metal patio furniture. The molding and shape of the metal, as well as the type of metal and build structure can all contribute to the quality and appearance of your patio furniture.


Steel patio furniture is relatively cheap. It’s sturdy and will last a while, however, steel (even stainless) will rust from rainy or humid environments over time. If you are in a generally dry area, this isn’t much of a factor to worry about, but always something to keep in the back of your mind.


Aluminum is perhaps the most popular version of metal patio furniture. It is great for its light weight and durability. Aluminum patio furniture will far outlast wicker patio furniture – the only thing you need to watch is the paint. Over time, paint can wear off or chip from the aluminum if not properly cared for.


Selecting patio furniture can be a difficult endeavor – there are so many different types of materials, construction, looks, and feels that vary between sets. While you will want to select a patio furniture set that you think looks best for your luxury home, make sure that you take durability into consideration. Once you’ve picked the right set, sit back and enjoy the warm season! Be sure to check out the outdoor patios that Tony McClung has designed and happy Summer Texas!

Home Renovation: Building An In-Ground Pool


Texas summers are HOT, right??

So, we can almost guarantee that nearly everyone has entertained the idea of getting a pool at one point or another, but unless you moved into a home with one already built-in, few have legitimately taken the steps to start installing one.

Building an In-Ground Pool

This post is all about in-ground pools and what types you should look into buying. Various different builds and materials are well-suited for different situations, so do your research and think carefully regarding which is right for you. Here are a few different types to check out:


Fiberglass is perhaps the most well-known and commonly used material for building pools. The reason? They require an incredibly low-degree of maintenance due to their non-porous structure. They are easy to clean and take care of throughout the season.

Fiberglass pools are also relatively inexpensive to install, making them a great option for those trying to keep costs maintainable.

The only big drawback to fiberglass as a material is that it is not very customizable. If you are the type who wants to blueprint out their dream-pool shape and size, fiberglass won’t be a great material to work with.


Concrete tends to pick up well on the areas where fiberglass fails – particularly in terms of customization. It’s easy to build a pool of any shape or size out of concrete, as the material gives you near limitless moldability.

One of the primary drawbacks to concrete is the higher maintenance costs in the long run. While it’s easy to work with during the installation and building phase, it’s pretty difficult to clean. Concrete creates rougher and more porous surfaces than fiberglass and accumulates dirt and grime over time that needs to be washed down.

Vinyl Liner

Vinyl liner pools are great for first-time pool owners, as they are quite affordable to install. They have a very smooth finish and are relatively easy to customize the shape and size of (not as much as concrete, but significantly better than fiberglass).

The only major drawback to vinyl liner pools is that the liner needs to be frequently replaced – every 6 to 8 years. So, while they have a low initial cost up front, there’s a bit more work involved in the long run.

If you are thinking about an in ground pool, or backyard renovation, be sure to contact Tony McClung today at 214-668-7802.

Home Security System Options for Your Luxury Home

IT’S THE LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!! Here at Luxury Homes Designed and Built by Tony McClung, we know that means summer plans are just getting started - vacations, summer camps and more are ahead in the next few months. With that, you will be leaving your beloved home, and you want to make sure it is safe. Even in Highland Park, Texas, security is a necessity. Keeping your home, your belongings, and your family safe is so incredibly important. Regardless of where you live, everyone is at risk of being broken into, and unfortunately, the nicer your home, the more of a target it becomes. That’s why researching and installing the right security system is absolutely essential.

Home Security System Options:

home security

If you are looking at upping your security system this season to protect your home, here are a few great options and ideas:

Video Recording Doorbell

Did you know that thieves ring the doorbell? It’s the best way to know whether or not you’re home! If you answer, they’ll have an excuse of why they’re there. If not, it’s “free game” for a break in.

Luckily, there are doorbells which have visible video and audio recorders built into them. These serve a dual purpose of warding off potential thieves as well as serving as a surveillance system in the instance of a break in.

Smart Security Systems

Another recent trend has arisen with smart security systems. Rather than systems being visible and manageable only by your security provider, new technology is closing the gap between homeowners and accessibility to their various security devices.

Plenty of new products allow users to control their security devices – viewing, turning on and off, scheduling, etc. – all from their smart phones. This brings greater security and lower costs to homeowners as competition continues to flood the market with new offerings, products, and apps.

Virtual Security Gate Motion Sensors

While camera surveillance is a great idea, it’s hard to program one to “trigger” when movement occurs. However, there are plenty of devices out there which can be installed discretely to detect any motion or movement within a home.

This is a great option for those who want an affordable way to trigger alarm systems within a home. While a security device on a door may trigger an alarm, those types of devices are near useless if perpetrators break in through a window. However, motion sensors are difficult to fool. Keep in mind though – these motion sensors aren’t a good idea for families with pets!


These are just a few of many ideas you can implement to make your home more secure. The market is full of products and unique concepts. With a little research, you can be well on your way to having a more secure, monitored home!

But last but not least, have a great summer!!

Spring Home Preparation: Pros and Cons of Power-Washing Your Home

powerwashing your home

Unfortunately, no matter what we do to keep our homes looking nice (replacing mulch and rocks, planting, fertilizing grass, etc.), the exterior of our homes will develop grime and dirt over the years that is hard to stray attention from. As you are jumping in with your spring cleaning, we recommend occasionally power-washing your home! Power washing is a simple method to help give a house a new, fresh, clean look from the outside.

Power Washing

Power washing, often called pressure washing, is a method of cleaning the exterior of homes with highly pressurized water. This method uses water to forcibly remove grime, dirt, and stains. Here are some pros and cons of this process:


1.  Effective

The internet is loaded with tutorials on how to remove dirt and grime from your house, but the truth is, many of them simply don’t work. Whether it’s material discoloration, rust and oxidation, dirt, or a myriad of other things, certain methods will only work for certain conditions.

However, power-washing your home is a fantastic way to guarantee a clean home exterior. There’s little that’s able to withstand the power of pressure washing the outside of your house, making it great for year-old staining that seems as though it has passed the point of no return.

2.  Cleaning Wooden Beams

Believe it or not, you can actually restore a wooden beam to it’s original shine without sanding it down. A lot of the mold and mildew that develops in the fibers of a board can be pushed out using a power washer.

So, if your deck is starting to look a little dated and weathered, pull out a pressure washer and watch it work its magic!


1.  Damage

Depending on the material you are using a power washer on, you may end up causing damage. Some types of siding are incredibly thin, making them susceptible to breakage during a pressure wash. So, if you plan on pressure washing things besides concrete, wood, metal, or other durable surfaces, make sure to do your research!

2.  Health Concerns

Yes – believe or not, using a power washer can cause health concerns such as inflammation or even tendinitis. Power washers use an immense amount of pressure while inducing a lot of vibration during use. Using a power washer for extended periods of time without a proper technique for holding them can very quickly result in tendinitis.

If you plan on using a pressure washer this season, do some research on proper methods for wielding one. It sounds silly, but yes, tools (even a power washer) can be dangerous without correct technique.

Benefits of an Architectural Designer

architectural designer

We all know how to do the same mundane home renovation tasks on our own – repainting, selecting new carpet, landscaping, and so many others. However, how do you handle the larger tasks? Depending on what type of home renovation you are looking for, doing a structural adjustment to your house may be within reasonable grasp. All you need to do is look into hiring an architectural designer.

Architectural Designers vs. Home Designers

If doing a structural home renovation interests you, you’ll need to hire it out. Usually, this will come in the form of selecting between an architectural designer or a home designer. Here’s a little bit about both:

Home Designer

A home designer usually does not have to be licensed. They may be experienced in the industry, but there are no official requirements for home designers/residential designers. Nonetheless, depending on the situation, a home designer may be all you need for your project!

Architectural Designer

On the other hand, an architectural designer is required to have a certain degree of schooling and licensing. Generally, they have met higher industry standards for education and have a wider breadth of knowledge for architectural design.

Benefits of an Architectural Designer

While much of the following will depend on who you hire, having an architectural designer work on your home renovation can be very beneficial:

1)  Sketching Out Concepts

Sometimes you have the ideas but just can’t quite articulate them. Luckily, architectural designers have the creative minds to help you work out your ideas, as well as the technical skills to map them all out on a sheet of paper or in their software. This can help you make sure your luxury home renovation will match your ideas before the project even begins.

2)  Documentations for Construction

Architectural designers go the extra step to create documents with detailed descriptions and blueprints of exactly how a project will be built out. Not only are these documents helpful for reference to understand what it will look like – they also ensure that the project will be built to specifications regardless of the construction company hired.

3)  Negotiating with Construction Companies

Finally, one of the benefits of hiring an architectural designer is that they will work with you to negotiate pricing with construction companies. Depending on the architectural designer you use, construction companies will often give discounts since they are referred from the designer, so make sure you pick someone with a solid network!


Architectural designers can benefit your home in a variety of ways. Above all, they help to take concepts and turn them into reality. Through discussion and flushing out ideas to the detailed mapping of every specification for construction, an architectural designer like Tony McClung can help bring your dream home to life. Give us a call today!

Spring Home Maintenance Tips

If you’re like me, the word “maintenance” probably brings on a bit of an unsettling feeling. We get it – it’s not the fun part about transitioning to a new season. But as a homeowner, you know that appliance failures and other unexpected costs are a pain to deal with.

If only there was some way to avoid property and appliance damage before they happen……

Luckily, as spring rolls around this year, there are a wide variety of small maintenance projects you can take on to ensure your house is in working order and ready to embrace the warm Texas weather!

lawn care

Spring Maintenance Projects

Spring maintenance projects are (for the most part) easy, quick, and essential to maintaining a healthy home! Here are some of our top tips on how you can prepare your house for the new season and steer clear of “home repair” bills later:

Clean Out Your Gutters

Ick. We know. Depending on the size and perimeter of your house, it can be a bit of a longer project, but most people don’t realize how essential the task is for the health of your home. Cleaning out your gutters means you are keeping water from pooling around the foundation of your home. Having too much water around your foundation can result in mold and, in extreme cases, structural failures. It might even be time to get some gutter leaf guards installed to keep leaves from building up in your gutters.

Re-Sealing Your Doors and Windows

Most of us spend a lot of money on heating and cooling respectively through the seasons. While this is inevitable to a certain degree, much of it can be avoided by having a properly insulated home. Part of that involves sealing all the cracks and crevices that develop over time in your house.

Re-caulking your windows and doors can help introduce a better seal and save you money on gas and electric this year!

Proper Roof Inspections

You don’t need to book an inspector every year, but if it’s been a while since you’ve had a roof inspector come out, now may be the time.

Your roof really gets the brunt of all seasonal circumstances – being beaten on by the sun, those spring Texas hailstorms and taking on lots of rain water. If a roof fails, there’s a ton of extra costs associated with mold and flooding that can make their way into your home.

Having a proper roof inspection is a great preventative measure for keeping your house armored for the Spring season this year!


Spring maintenance isn’t that bad. And it’s a lot less of a headache to do the proper preparation now than to deal with the negative circumstances and costs later! If you want to get your luxury home ready for Spring this season, make sure to clean out your gutters, re-seal your windows and doors for heating and air conditioning purposes, and get your roof inspected! Enjoy the warm weather!

Getting Your Home Ready for Spring Party Hosting

Tony McClung Homes

We all search for ideas to paint our walls, update the floors, and buy new furniture to bring a facelift to the interior of our homes. However, seldom do we pay close attention to the various ways we can improve the exterior of our homes.

With Spring just around the corner, there are plenty of ways that you can prepare your luxury home for the season. Whether you want to be the new “host” for Spring and Summer parties, or are just looking for a way to liven up the outside of your luxury home, here are a few steps you can take to get the ball rolling on the whole process:

1. Garden Tips

Perhaps one of the best places to start with an outdoor renovation is a garden. Whether you already have one or are looking to start, it’s always a great place to begin when preparing for the new season.

For a healthy, lush garden make sure you replace your soil with carbon-based fertilizers. Unlike synthetic and petroleum-based alternatives, carbon fertilizers will build up the structure of your soil and keep it healthy for the rest of the year.

Adding crocuses and tulips is a great way to bring a beautiful color splash for a lively spring garden!

2. Updating Your Patio

Many homeowners have neglected the project of updating their patio. It seems like a daunting task, and the seasonality of patio usage can defer people from attempting. However, giving a new look to your patio doesn’t have to be difficult.

When selecting new patio furniture, keep in mind that darker colors are going to look better for longer periods of time, as weathering will not be as evident.

Building a simple wood frame for a pergola is also a simple step that can take your patio to the next level.

3. Landscaping Essentials

While the topic of proper landscaping is a much larger subject matter, there are a few essentials that you can start now to prepare your home for Spring.

Soil Testing: Properly testing your soil is a landscaping essential every few years. After a while, the nutrients is pulled out of your soil and can hurt your crops.

Fresh Mulch: An easy landscaping project is to add a fresh, 1-inch thick layer of new mulch around all your trees and shrubs. It will help keep the moisture in the soil and bring a new, fresh look to your home this spring!

Weed Control: Lastly, the most time consuming (but also most important) step is to bring some weed control practices into the mix. A great way to prepare for spring is by applying a week control to keep weeds from ever being a problem in the first place.

Of course, if you are ready to tackle a major spring home renovation, give Tony McClung a call! His experience in architectural design is one that you can always trust!

Re-Carpeting Ideas for Your Home

Your carpets say a lot about your home. A simple difference in both the material and color of your carpet can give off an entirely different vibe for each room. However, few people are willing to embark on the endeavor of completely reinstalling new carpet, and we totally understand why.

Re-carpeting a home, let alone a single room can seem like a difficult task. But with a little bit of research you’ll be well on your way to giving your house interior a much needed facelift. Since installation can either be done yourself or by a hired professional, we will focus here primarily on how to select the right carpet for your home.

Selecting Carpet for Your Home

There are two overarching criteria to keep in mind while selecting a new carpet for your luxury home:


Color is the first decision that comes to any homeowner’s mind when making a carpet selection. Depending on the natural light in a room, the color of your walls and furniture, style of house, and current family needs, color can be a very important factor.

Bright Colored Carpet

Hindsight is 20/20, and many parents of young children can testify to this after installing brand new white carpets. Stains are easy to show and hard to get out. On the bright side, lighter colors will help to amplify the natural and artificial light in a room which can bring a nice touch. If you are going for lighter colors, purchase an off-white cream or similar color, but avoid the bleached white look. You’ll thank us later.

Dark Colored Carpet

If you are thinking about using a darker carpet, be careful of what room you install it in. Dark carpet immediately pulls the light out of the room, which can be a nice addition to a bedroom or basement but should be avoided for common living areas.


The next most important factor to evaluate is how the carpet will actually feel. But remember – a carpet’s durability is directly correlated to how soft it is. The softer the carpet, the less time it’s going to last.

Really spend time evaluating exactly what you want. Do you want carpet that is going to stick around for a while, or are you fine with remodeling every 10 or so years for the sake of the added comfort? Carpet materials may also vary, so talking with a professional about a good balance between durability and softness may give you extra options.


The most stressful part of re-carpeting a house is simply the decision regarding what you want. But with a bit of research and a couple conversations with design professionals, you can be well on your way to selecting carpet to fit your luxury home!

Remodeling Your Luxury Home in 2019

Happy New Year

A new year brings the opportunity for a fresh start. After all, that’s what New Year’s resolutions are all about! This season may be your chance to finally embark on that remodeling project you’ve been planning to do. Whether it be a small re-painting job, or a full interior restructuring, 2019 is a great year to tackle those plans and bring your dream home to life.

If you are looking for ideas on how you can remodel your luxury home in 2019, here are a few noteworthy trends for inspiration:

1)  Repainting

While many design trends and décor items go in and out of style seasonally, you can expect a repainting project to remain in style for the next decade. And 2019 is a prime year to start, with new and fresh painting trends flooding in thanks to many of the major design influencers on TV and social media.

For those looking to create a bright and welcoming feel, opt in for a hazelnut. It offers the same light reflection and feel as a flat white but with added warmth and character. More so, hazelnut matches with just about any color, making it an easy and versatile color to work with as you swap out decorations and furniture over the next multiple years. No wonder it’s becoming a new interior color trend this upcoming season!

2)  Ceilings

For the last several decades, popcorn ceilings have been the trend through and through. They’re easy and cheap to install and remain peripherally invisible to visitors.

However, a statement ceiling can be a fun, stylish addition to a home, and we’re seeing the trend rising in recent years. In 2019, be on the lookout for a unique ceiling design. Anything from molded tin, wallpaper, or paint-patterned designs are all bound to add a fun combination of contemporary and modern buzz to your luxury home.

3)  Furniture

When’s the last time you swapped out furniture? For most of us, furniture is one of the last elements we replace, and as a result, makes our homes suffer dramatically from outdated interiors. Follow some rising trends in 2019 by making the addition of curved furniture to your rooms! What used to be a retro style is coming back full force this season along with the opportunity to lift your luxury home’s living rooms to the next level.


2019 is a year full of trends – from paint to furniture, decorations, and interior structuring, there are so many different opportunities for you and your family to bring a modern facelift to your luxury home this season. And redesigning doesn’t have to be a major task! Keep your eyes open for the right furniture and put your hands to work with a little paint and watch your luxury house be transformed!

Cheers to a new year!

Selecting a Pool for Your Luxury Home

I know, it is a bit crazy to start talking about pools when it is finally Christmastime. But, if you are thinking about installing a pool in your backyard for this coming summer, it is time to start getting plans and things in order.

Pools have long been an envied luxury addition to custom homes. But unlike painting, decorating, or even moderate interior construction, building a pool is a major endeavor. Depending on the specifications of your selection, installing a pool can be an expensive and lengthy processes. However, as anyone who is installing a pool knows, they can add so much value to your family and friends’ life. They make hosting easier, parties more fun, and those hot Texas summers a bit more tolerable.

luxury home pool

Selecting a Pool Style

Building a pool is so much more than just digging a hole in the ground – there are dozens of styles, each meant for a different home and backyard landscape. If you are looking to get a pool for Summer 2019, here are a few popular styles that are sure to work with your luxury home!

1)  Modern Pools

Modern pools are becoming increasingly popular. They are often characterized by square or rectangular designs, simplistic materials, sharp corners, and mosaic tiles. The great thing about modern pools is that they are a classy addition to any home – they are stylistically versatile and can help to add that extra “spiff” to your house.

2)  Tropical Pools

Yep, you read that right. Tropical pools are a statement design that give a fun, engaging, and vacation-like feel to your backyard. Big boulders, trees, and even small waterfalls are a few of many elements that can be added to tropical pools. It’s a fun and relaxing twist to the common pool!

3)  Traditional Pools

It’s really hard to create a category for “traditional” pools, as there are truly so many different design elements that fall under the umbrella. Generally speaking, traditional pools are rectangular or hour-glass shaped with natural stone or bricks. They’re classic, nostalgic, and “homey” – it’s hard to go wrong with a traditional design.


Adding a pool to your home is an exciting (and sometimes stressful) task! Pools bring so much life and fun to a home – both stylistically and functionally. If you are looking to make the installation soon, be sure to settle on a style that works best for you. Whether you are going for fun and exciting (tropical), elegant and classy (modern), classic and homey (traditional), or something entirely different, you are bound to find a pool style that fits your home perfectly!

If you are ready to get to work so you can have a pool in your backyard for this coming summer, give Tony McClung a call now at 214-668-7802!