Two-for- One: The Advantages of Having an Architect Builder

Architect Builder

The homebuilding process is exciting. In many cases, the owners are realizing lifelong dreams.

Several people are instrumental to this process, but some are even more important than others.

Aside from your banker, the architect and builder are the two you need most.

The Value of an Architect

What do you think sets our society apart at a glance? Is it expensive cars, smartphones, or computers? No. The most impactful part of our world is the buildings we live in.

Consider the big city skylines, climbing high into the clouds. Consider our nation’s greatest memorials, such as the Washington Monument. Even the simplest family homes are wonders of engineering and imagination. Someone designed all these things and working with an architectural designer gives you access to a powerful and creative mind to complete the home building process.

The top benefits of working with an architectural designer are:

  • They can show you their vision. These professionals have intimate knowledge about how buildings work. They can see the big picture and use their experience to craft the perfect home for your needs. A skilled designer can listen to your vaguest dreams and turn them into usable plans.
  • Many architects and architectural designers understand the appropriate steps to take when building. They know the path to completion, starting with the first consultation. They also know the hundreds of tiny steps that you must take to finish the home.
  • Architectural Designers can save you lots of paperwork. If you buy a premade home plan, you’ll receive all the blueprints and designs from the company. Unfortunately, you’ll receive little or no information about the inner workings of the building. An architect can take care of the structural requirements and pay attention to local codes to have your home completed properly.

The Value of an Experienced Builder

Builders are the other half of the equation. Even the best plans can’t come to fruition without a skilled builder. Working with a talented and experienced builder is crucial to completing the home of your dreams.

The benefits of adding a builder to your team include:

  • The lead builder will do all the hard work when it comes to hiring, coordinating with, and supervising employees and subcontractors. You won’t have to worry about the rest of the workforce; the builder will handle it all.
  • An experienced builder will recognize design flaws, hopefully before they cause delays.
  • Faster completion. Experience means knowledge about all the details of bringing a plan together. When you choose a qualified builder, he or she will know precisely how to go about building the house to maximize efficiency.
  • Long-term value. The best builders create lasting masterpieces. If you hire a builder with skill and knowledge, you’ll see fewer repairs through the life of the home. You’ll also enjoy better resale potential and more-consistent value.

The Two-for- One Approach

What if you took the creative vision and knowledge of an architectural designer and combined it with the skilled experience of a builder? You’d have the perfect team. Having an "architect builder" means the process will always be as smooth as possible. The plans will make sense during construction, so you won’t face confusion or mistakes. If there is a design flaw, the builder does not have to call the architect to discuss the problem. The builder is the "architect" so he fixes immediately and the construction process proceeds on schedule. 

You can save a huge amount of time and money. In some cases, communication between a separate architect and builder can take weeks. Both lead busy lives, and it might be nearly impossible to bring them together. When your architect is your builder, he or she can address any questions or changes immediately. Plus, the rest of the team will be on the same page much, much faster.

Time isn’t the only thing you’ll save. Hiring one professional instead of two can drastically reduce costs. You’ll have more value in the long run, because he or she will be able to address concerns about the design or execution of the building all at once.

If you’re looking for an "architect builder" to design and build your dream home in Dallas Texas, you’re in luck. Tony McClung has more than 50 years of experience crafting some of Texas’, Colorado's and New Mexico's most beautiful properties. Tony is also able to design your home in 3D so you can virtually walk through your home before construction even begins. For more information about turning your dreams into a reality, call (214) 668-7802.