The Benefit of an Architectural Designer’s Touch


You’ve saved and planned and dreamed, and now it’s time to build your perfect home. This is likely one of the most monumental processes of your life, so it’s definitely not time to cut corners. There are many reasons a real architectural designer like Tony McClung should be in charge of planning your home.

Homes are Pieces of Art

First and most important, homes are a form of art. They must be designed to function properly to serve you and your family while providing beauty and personality that fits your lifestyle. Planning a home is not as simple as you might think – especially when you want to build the custom house of your dreams. Just as it takes an artist to finish a beautiful painting, you need an architectural designer to craft the right plan to bring your ideal home to fruition.

Experience Matters

You need more than an architectural designer’s eye when you’re building a home for your family. Having artistic plans isn’t enough if your designer doesn’t know how to make them come together effectively. Roofs need support, doorways must be large enough, and so on. With so many details, it’s easy for less experienced designers to overlook crucial details. Tony McClung has been building for decades, so rest assured that he will forget nothing.

Hands-On Approach

One thing that sets Mr. McClung apart from other architectural designers is his hands-on approach. Instead of designing your home and handing the plan to someone else, Tony presides over the entire project. You’ll have his expertise at hand from breaking ground to the final inspection.

An added benefit of Mr. McClung’s presence during construction is that you have the freedom to add your input at any time. If you change your mind about a portion of the build or have a sudden epiphany, he can alter the plans to fit your needs in short order. There’s no waiting for plans to be mailed back and forth, because he is the designer and builder both.

Your Dream Home for Less

These benefits equate to some amazing savings. You’re not paying inflated fees for other designers or middlemen, and there’s no chance of miscommunication between design and building. Plus, of course, the construction can be finished much more quickly without extended correspondence between parties, so you’ll save time as well as money. 

From Texas to Colorado and New Mexico, your dream home can be a reality sooner than you think, thanks to Tony McClung. Contact Tony McClung today to get your dream started.