The Ultimate Guide to a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens often get the most attention during home renovation and remodels. This is for good reason: it often serves as a gathering place for dinner or cocktail parties, and should provide a seamless transition to the dining area or bar. Even when you’re not throwing a stylish fete, your kitchen is both the heart and workhorse of your home. It should be sturdy enough to handle all your hard work and culinary masterpieces, but attractive enough to woo your guests. A tall order for one room! That’s why we’ve compiled this guide to your custom kitchen remodel. Let’s create the perfect space to unleash your inner Joanna Gaines.


Choosing the perfect countertops to complement the room is very important. Quartz, granite, and marble remain popular choices for custom homes, as each slab is unique and they come in a variety of colors. They’re versatile and only require occasional sealing and maintenance. New options, such as concrete and recycled glass offer a chic, industrial, or retro vibe, depending on how you use them. Butcher blocks can be harder to maintain, but are a good option for those who want to add warmth to a kitchen.


Custom cabinetry has come a long way since the days of your grandparent’s scalloped wood numbers. Hardwood cabinets still reign supreme, and higher-end materials like walnut, cherry, and mahogany make a serious style statement. Soft-close options are a must to protect little fingers, not to mention the wood itself. Bamboo or high-gloss lacquered cabinets can add an exotic or modern air to your space, respectively.


Choosing appliances to match your new kitchen aesthetic is part of the fun. Now is the time to consider that chef-style oven and range or farmhouse sink you’ve been eyeing. Many of these appliances can be custom-made or changed to match your aesthetic: for example, chef-style ovens, ranges, dishwashers, and fridges come in a variety of color options. For an uninterrupted look, consider ordering appliances that can be concealed by your cabinetry.

Custom Home Building and Your Perfect Kitchen

Designing your kitchen is one the best parts of custom home building. Whether you’re starting from scratch or pursuing a remodel, we can make your dreams come to life. We’ve been helping families in Dallas, Highland Park, and Park Cities design their kitchens for years. We can create a space that matches your unique personal style and aesthetic. Talk to Tony McClung about building your dream kitchen today!