Four Must-Have New Home Features

building a custom home

When it comes to building a new home, potential buyers have a lot on their plates. There are so many decisions to make before you can see your dream become a reality. It’s easy to overlook some great features and end up wanting to change things later. Here are some of the best new home features you shouldn’t forget.

Smart Home Tech

Technology offers some truly amazing opportunities – especially for your home. “Smart” upgrades are extremely useful for your comfort and convenience. Plus, they’ll appeal to buyers if you ever decide to sell. More and more people are employing the use of smart thermostats, adjustable lights, carbon monoxide monitoring, home security systems, LED bulbs, video doorbells, and more. If you want one or more of these installed, it’ll be easier and less expensive to include them in the building plans, so everything will work together flawlessly.

Multiple Fireplaces

Fireplaces add character and warmth to your home, both literally and figuratively. For decades, people have placed a single fireplace in their living rooms and left it at that. Now, homeowners are installing them in multiple locations across the floor plan. Bedrooms, bathrooms, and even kitchens can benefit from the aesthetic change that comes with a fireplace – especially when they’re double-sided.

Eat-In Kitchens

We don’t live in a world of formal dining anymore – at least not daily. Our lives are full of hustle and bustle, so many of our meals happen quickly. When we’re not on the go, a quick brunch or dinner in an eat-in kitchen is best. When your home is under construction, you can easily plan for an extra nook to enjoy those meals and extend your kitchen space.

Solar Capabilities

Renewable energy is a wonderful thing. You’ll be able to reduce your emissions and save a significant amount of money each month on energy bills. In many cases, it’s easy to use solar power exclusively and avoid paying the power company altogether. If you’re interested in adding this feature, do it before your home is finished. That way, you can plan around the sun and build your panels, batteries, and wiring right into your home. What’s more, many government grants can help you cover the initial cost of going solar and specialized loans to cover the rest.

Are you ready to craft the home of your dreams with these incredible features? Don’t wait any longer. Contact Tony McClung today and begin the process of becoming a custom homeowner.