How to Design the Bathroom of Your Dreams

bathroom remodel

The bathroom may be one of the most important rooms in your home. In the morning it’s a workstation with bright lights and beautiful surfaces to help you get ready for your day. In the evening you unwind by lighting candles and slipping into the tub. Here are some bathroom ideas for choosing the most important elements.

Choose high-quality fixtures.

The sinks, the toilet, and the tub are going to be there for a long time. You might decide during a bathroom remodel to change the flooring or the wall color, but for major fixtures, choose a high-quality design that is going to last.

Lighting is critical.

Choose wall-mounted lighting around the mirror that provides plenty of illumination. Add style with a chandelier or pendant. A pendant adds charm and provides soft light when you need it. Use recessed lighting to provide soft light to corners. Don’t forget the shower fixture.

Use gorgeous tile.

You can make a huge impact on any budget with your tile selection. Choose an unusual pattern or use polished marble or granite. Even large bathrooms have a limited amount of space, while small bathroom design involves even less area to work with. Go all out with tile everywhere, or choose one statement wall for your most luxurious tile choices and cover the rest in clean white.

Install a freestanding tub.

If you have space, nothing says luxury like a freestanding tub.

Include plenty of storage.

Before you start, look at the items you use every day and design your bathroom storage around them. Custom design drawers and cabinets are great for organization. Your bathroom stays neat when everything has a place out of sight.

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