4 Spring Trends in Custom Home Building

messy kitchen

Custom home construction is both an art and a science – as such, it constantly evolves. What was in vogue ten or even five years ago might not make much sense to current homebuilders. Today’s custom home builds place equal weight on form and function, creating beautiful spaces that work for your family’s size and budget. Explore some of the latest trends in custom home building.

The “Messy Kitchen”

The open concept home has been a popular choice for homeowners for years, and it makes sense: an open concept makes a home appear larger and makes it easier to entertain guests. There’s a major downside to an open concept floor plan, however: your guests risk looking at a pile of dirty dishes and kitchen counters as they eat the meal you just prepared. This is where the concept of a “messy kitchen” comes in: newer custom homes feature a hidden prep area tucked in behind the main kitchen space. This allows for minimal cleanup and more time for socializing with friends – isn’t that why you’re hosting in the first place?

More Natural Elements

Today’s custom homes, especially in temperate climates, have an increased focus on blurring the line between inside and outside spaces. While the sweltering summers of the west make it impossible to fully merge these two spaces, designers provide a practical answer by incorporating more natural elements into the home. A stark contrast to the tech and industrial trends favored at the turn of the millennium, today’s modern homes focus on interior landscaping and natural elements like stone, concrete, and copper.

Richer Color Palettes

If the neutral palettes of current home decorating magazines bring waves of disappointment, this year brings good news for those who love color. Current trends in home building feature retro vibes, like candy-coated high end appliances and even rich furnishings in luxe materials like velvet. Look for other warm accents in the form of copper or brass fixtures.

Open Shelving in the Kitchen

Today’s homes focus less on the pristine and more on the comfortable and cozy. One popular way to accomplish this is by incorporating open shelving throughout your kitchen. This not only gives your new house a homey feel, it also gives you the opportunity to turn your kitchen ware into art pieces.

Custom home building trends may evolve, but we think the focus on creating a home that’s functional and beautiful is here to stay. Would you try any of these new home design and construction trends? Tony McClung can help make your dream a reality – contact us to learn more.