Spring Home Maintenance Tips

If you’re like me, the word “maintenance” probably brings on a bit of an unsettling feeling. We get it – it’s not the fun part about transitioning to a new season. But as a homeowner, you know that appliance failures and other unexpected costs are a pain to deal with.

If only there was some way to avoid property and appliance damage before they happen……

Luckily, as spring rolls around this year, there are a wide variety of small maintenance projects you can take on to ensure your house is in working order and ready to embrace the warm Texas weather!

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Spring Maintenance Projects

Spring maintenance projects are (for the most part) easy, quick, and essential to maintaining a healthy home! Here are some of our top tips on how you can prepare your house for the new season and steer clear of “home repair” bills later:

Clean Out Your Gutters

Ick. We know. Depending on the size and perimeter of your house, it can be a bit of a longer project, but most people don’t realize how essential the task is for the health of your home. Cleaning out your gutters means you are keeping water from pooling around the foundation of your home. Having too much water around your foundation can result in mold and, in extreme cases, structural failures. It might even be time to get some gutter leaf guards installed to keep leaves from building up in your gutters.

Re-Sealing Your Doors and Windows

Most of us spend a lot of money on heating and cooling respectively through the seasons. While this is inevitable to a certain degree, much of it can be avoided by having a properly insulated home. Part of that involves sealing all the cracks and crevices that develop over time in your house.

Re-caulking your windows and doors can help introduce a better seal and save you money on gas and electric this year!

Proper Roof Inspections

You don’t need to book an inspector every year, but if it’s been a while since you’ve had a roof inspector come out, now may be the time.

Your roof really gets the brunt of all seasonal circumstances – being beaten on by the sun, those spring Texas hailstorms and taking on lots of rain water. If a roof fails, there’s a ton of extra costs associated with mold and flooding that can make their way into your home.

Having a proper roof inspection is a great preventative measure for keeping your house armored for the Spring season this year!


Spring maintenance isn’t that bad. And it’s a lot less of a headache to do the proper preparation now than to deal with the negative circumstances and costs later! If you want to get your luxury home ready for Spring this season, make sure to clean out your gutters, re-seal your windows and doors for heating and air conditioning purposes, and get your roof inspected! Enjoy the warm weather!