Benefits of an Architectural Designer

architectural designer

We all know how to do the same mundane home renovation tasks on our own – repainting, selecting new carpet, landscaping, and so many others. However, how do you handle the larger tasks? Depending on what type of home renovation you are looking for, doing a structural adjustment to your house may be within reasonable grasp. All you need to do is look into hiring an architectural designer.

Architectural Designers vs. Home Designers

If doing a structural home renovation interests you, you’ll need to hire it out. Usually, this will come in the form of selecting between an architectural designer or a home designer. Here’s a little bit about both:

Home Designer

A home designer usually does not have to be licensed. They may be experienced in the industry, but there are no official requirements for home designers/residential designers. Nonetheless, depending on the situation, a home designer may be all you need for your project!

Architectural Designer

On the other hand, an architectural designer is required to have a certain degree of schooling and licensing. Generally, they have met higher industry standards for education and have a wider breadth of knowledge for architectural design.

Benefits of an Architectural Designer

While much of the following will depend on who you hire, having an architectural designer work on your home renovation can be very beneficial:

1)  Sketching Out Concepts

Sometimes you have the ideas but just can’t quite articulate them. Luckily, architectural designers have the creative minds to help you work out your ideas, as well as the technical skills to map them all out on a sheet of paper or in their software. This can help you make sure your luxury home renovation will match your ideas before the project even begins.

2)  Documentations for Construction

Architectural designers go the extra step to create documents with detailed descriptions and blueprints of exactly how a project will be built out. Not only are these documents helpful for reference to understand what it will look like – they also ensure that the project will be built to specifications regardless of the construction company hired.

3)  Negotiating with Construction Companies

Finally, one of the benefits of hiring an architectural designer is that they will work with you to negotiate pricing with construction companies. Depending on the architectural designer you use, construction companies will often give discounts since they are referred from the designer, so make sure you pick someone with a solid network!


Architectural designers can benefit your home in a variety of ways. Above all, they help to take concepts and turn them into reality. Through discussion and flushing out ideas to the detailed mapping of every specification for construction, an architectural designer like Tony McClung can help bring your dream home to life. Give us a call today!