Summers In Texas: Preparing Your HVAC for the Hot Season

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HVAC can be a pain on finances and time. You spend so much throughout the year on electricity and gas for maintaining heating and cooling systems in your home, and right when you think you’ve spent enough, something breaks…

While some damage and general wear-and-tear is unavoidable, there are tons of helpful precautions and steps you can take to ensure longevity of your HVAC system and lower costs this summer season in the hot state of Texas. Here are some of our top recommendations!

Tips: Preparing Your HVAC System for Summer

Your primary objectives when preparing your HVAC system for summer should be to reduce the amount of wear that components of your system receive, as well as reducing the level of work your system does to a bare-necessities level. Here are our tips:

1)  Change the Filter

You’ve probably heard that more times than you count – it almost feels like servicemen are trying to upsell you for no reason. But in actuality, the filter in your HVAC system has huge implications on the health of your appliances.

When your filter gets dirty, the system must work harder to force air where it needs to go. If you frequently replace the filter, you’ll end up spending less on the additional components than you will on the monthly cost of electricity (and ultimately, the final price of replacing a broken HVAC system).

2)  Programming Your Thermostat

If you have a programmable thermostat, you could be saving tons of money on electricity. Believe it or not, raising the temperature of your HVAC system a mere 4-5 degrees while your gone at work for 8 hours can save you a few hundred bucks annually. Furthermore, the less the system must work to cool down your house, the longer it will last.

3)  Servicing Your System Frequently

It doesn’t cost much to hire a service or repairman (or to learn how to do these basic checks yourself.) There are plenty of key components in an HVAC system which can be easily and frequently checked for damage or wear-and-tear. If you check these on a continual basis, you can save yourself from hefty expenses in the future. There’s a large domino effect that the small components have on the larger ones.


In these hot Texas summers, we fork out a lot of money keeping our homes’ temperature regulated well. But many of us don’t realize we are spending more money than we need to. If you properly check your HVAC system’s components on a frequent basis, replace your air filter, and program your thermostat to raise in temperature while your gone at work, you will reduce the overall work your system needs to do. This will lower monthly electric costs as well as increase the longevity of your system overall!