Selecting Patio Furniture for Your Luxury Home

outdoor patio furniture

Most spring and summer home preparation happens to the exterior of your home – everything from cleaning the gutters, to reapplying asphalt for a driveway, mowing the lawn, landscaping, and power washing your house.

But while these are all necessities for a nice looking home, you’ll want an outdoor space that is welcoming and inviting for hosting friends, or at the very least, enjoying the outdoors in your own yard. Getting the right set of patio furniture can make the hot Texas summers so much more enjoyable. Here’s what we recommend you look for!

Selecting a Patio Furniture Set

There are so many different variations in color, design, and functionality of patio furniture. If you are looking for a simple, quick rundown on what to look for in different styles of patio furniture, here it is:

1.  Wicker Patio Furniture

Wicker, or resin wicker, is a weather-resistant synthetic material that gives a “woven” appearance to furniture made from the material. It has a very outdoor, natural appearance and often works well with both contemporary and modern looking homes.

While wicker patio furniture looks great, the drawback is that it tends to break down through the seasons. After a few years, many of the wicker strands unwind or break and can be a bit of a pain to manage. However, if you properly care for the patio furniture, it should last a while.

2.  Metal Patio Furniture

There are tons of different styles and types of metal patio furniture. The molding and shape of the metal, as well as the type of metal and build structure can all contribute to the quality and appearance of your patio furniture.


Steel patio furniture is relatively cheap. It’s sturdy and will last a while, however, steel (even stainless) will rust from rainy or humid environments over time. If you are in a generally dry area, this isn’t much of a factor to worry about, but always something to keep in the back of your mind.


Aluminum is perhaps the most popular version of metal patio furniture. It is great for its light weight and durability. Aluminum patio furniture will far outlast wicker patio furniture – the only thing you need to watch is the paint. Over time, paint can wear off or chip from the aluminum if not properly cared for.


Selecting patio furniture can be a difficult endeavor – there are so many different types of materials, construction, looks, and feels that vary between sets. While you will want to select a patio furniture set that you think looks best for your luxury home, make sure that you take durability into consideration. Once you’ve picked the right set, sit back and enjoy the warm season! Be sure to check out the outdoor patios that Tony McClung has designed and happy Summer Texas!