Making Your House a Home

Tony McClung

A home is so much more than another building; it is a representation of the journey of your life. It reflects the real you and sends across the right vibe as well. Tony McClung believes in the same ideologies and this is why he doesn’t just design homes per se, he treats each one of them as an artistic masterpiece which will become one of the most coveted possessions for the owner.

The Man of Several Professionals

Tony McClung is not just a luxury home designer, but he is a jack of several trades. From honing the skills of a builder to that of an architect, foreman, and an architectural designer; he brings a lot more to the table which truly draws in the attention of his clients.

Giving It the Custom Touch

We believe that every home speaks a story and the story should always be yours. This is why adding your own customized and personal touches to your home are absolutely vital. Tony McClung is willing to be all ears to any special request you may have and he entertains them whenever they are erasable.

Based in one of the most upscale areas in Texas, most of his Highland Park homes truly stand out as they bear a testament to the amazing creative finesse and architectural brilliance he has. The best part about hiring him is that you do not need to be magnate to avail his services. He is aware that almost everyone has this dream to own the perfect house. So, he can craft the home to fit the budget you have in mind. His magical hands will add the wow factor and transfer the ordinary to extra ordinary.

Old or New – He Does it All!

Tony McClung is aware of the changing requirements of people. Some of us are on the lookout for a new home as we want to start afresh, with a clean slate and raise a toast to new beginnings. At the same time, there are a few people who want to hold on to the old memories and cling on to the place which has gifted them too many moments. They simply want it to have the artistic touch of new so that the old abode can reek of new memories and yet hold the nostalgia of the by-gone days.

So, no matter which category you fall into, Tony McClung is there to help. He can renovate your home artistically and let you hold on to the whiff of yesterday; while refining the image of tomorrow. At the same time, for the harbingers of change looking for a fresh start, you can be all set to witness an architectural masterpiece with his skilled magical ideas and vision.

So, if you are ready to weave magic to the place you call home; you know who you need to contact. Take a look at some of the current projects and the past work to gauge an idea as to what you should expect from this maestro of architectural designing. Give Tony McClung a call today at 214-668-7802!