Preparing for Fall: Home Care Necessities

fall cleanup

Happy Labor Day!!! Today is the day that we feel that summer is finally ending and fall is just around the corner. We know, September in Texas is still hot, but fall is coming soon!

The summer always seems like the most important months to maintain your home during. The spring usually necessitates tons of summer preparation projects and most renovations are done far in advance to the warmest months of the year.

However, fall and winter have huge impacts on the quality, health, and longevity of your home and yard. While the pre-summer landscaping and home renovation projects may be exciting, its important to pay due diligence to the necessary tasks of getting your home ready for the fall. So, on this “Fall is almost here day”, take some time today to prepare for the coming fall!

Preparing Your Luxury Home for Fall

Fall is a beautiful season, and with the right type of preparation and home care, you can have your stunning luxury home ready for the new season. We know fall chores don’t sound all that fun, but truth be told, it isn’t that hard to get your home ready for the fall!

Here are a few of our tips on how to get your home in the best condition for the fall season:

1)  Fertilizing Your Lawn

“Wait, isn’t fertilizing meant to be done at the beginning of the summer?”

Well, sure! It’s a good idea to renew the fertilizer at any time of the year, but research shows that fertilizing a lawn right before the fall actually improves the soil structure for the following year much more than a last-minute refresh in the spring. This is especially important if you live in dryer areas of the country.

If you use a great, carbon-based fertilizer, it will build up the structure of the soil, rather than offering the short-lived boost of most petroleum-based products.

2)  Cleaning the Gutters

Ick - we know, we know. Cleaning the gutters isn’t fun, but it doesn’t take long and it will increase the longevity of your home by preventing flooding, roof damage, and potential foundation issues. And yes, you read that right – improperly maintained gutters can lead to serious structural issues for your house. After all, that rainwater has to go somewhere!

3)  HVAC Servicing

A lot of people get their HVAC serviced right before summer, as they want to avoid the potential complications of it failing on a hot, humid day. But the truth is, your HVAC takes the most pressure during the summer months. The best time to service it is immediately after the hot months, somewhere around July-September, to make sure that everything is in good shape for the fall and to prevent any minor issues from becoming larger ones during the fall and winter.


There you have it! Fall preparation isn’t that difficult. It just takes a day or two of your time to diligently prepare your home for the new season and ensure your luxury home is always in tip-top condition. Pay special attention to the quality of your fertilizer and update it before the fall, make sure your gutters are clean to avoid flooding, and get your HVAC checked after the strenuous summer months and you’ll be well on your way to a beautiful fall season!