Preparing Your Home for the Back To School Season

back to school

The “Back To School” season is a major event not only for the kids, but for the entire family as well. Going back to school means busier schedules for everybody and more events, which equates ultimately to a much more dynamic, constantly-shifting lifestyle.

Preparing the Home for Back To School

Believe it or not, preparing for the back to school season has to do with more than buying notebooks and backpacks. The most important part to have ready is your own home. The more organized and prepared your home is for the school season, the less busy-work you’ll have to deal with when everyone is back to the grindstone.

Here are our tips on how you can prepare your home for the back to school season:

1)  Creating Working and Studying Areas

This can be as simple or complicated as you want. You don’t need to renovate a whole room to make an office or redo a section of the home to create a study area. A good work area should have plenty of natural light and be spacious enough to not feel stuffy.

Creating an effective study area can be as simple as placing a desk in front of a window, removing a TV from a room, or clearing out a cluttered area. Get creative with the space you have available!

2)  Cleaning the Entry Way or Mudroom

Yes – it actually is possible to organize the family’s shoes and jackets to make more space. It’s a bit of a project at first, but once you organize and clean your entry way, there will be less backpacks and school supplies laying in the middle of your living room.

3)  Set Up a Breakfast Station

It’s not too difficult. A simple, “serve yourself” buffet or hotel-lobby styled breakfast station can be hugely beneficial to you and the kids. Everyone knows where to go for what, and you’ll be doing less last-minute prep each morning before the kids run out the door.


Preparing your home for the school season is huge.A clean house and defined work-spaces can make for more focus and a less-chaotic household. Spend the extra time to create a few defined work and study areas, clean the entry way for school supplies and backpacks, and set up a simple morning breakfast station for the family! And, welcome back to school Dallas students!