What Our Clients Say


"We always enjoy working with Tony. He is prompt, efficient and gets things done.”  Caroline and Bunker Hunt

"I could not have been more pleased with Tony McClung’s work. His scrupulous attention to detail is what sets him apart from other builders. His interaction with the architect, artisans, and the many sub- contractors involved in the process was seamless and the many custom projects were just as I had envisioned. The job was completed as agreed with respect to time and budget. I would not hesitate to work with him again on a project of any scope.”           Mary Clare Finney


"Kathie and I were moving from Houston and had originally decided to buy a home in the Park Cities area. We looked for several months and just could not find the floor plan and lot configuration that we wanted. Our decorator introduced us to Tony McClung and his wife Jeannie and we began a discussion and search for a suitable lot. Tony was very helpful in that process and we ended up buying a beautiful lot in Highland Park.  Since Tony is both the architect and builder, he was very instrumental in designing our house and guiding us through the key decision processes. The home is a very creative design, with flow, access and livability paramount. The building process has been fun for Kathie and me, with Kathie shouldering the majority of the decisions under Tony's watchful supervision. Tony has a keen eye for quality and detail and a watchful eye on costs (he bids out everything, which I really appreciate). We could not be happier with our decision to work with Tony, and you get his lovely wife Jeannie at no extra cost! Tony is on site for every step in the building process and I rest easy knowing that we have an honest, experienced and artful builder in our corner.  Randy King

"When people ask me why I recommend Tony McClung, I say, “Let’s talk about what all you need in a homebuilder.” Then I spell it out like this. At the most basic level you want technical competence—superior expertise in construction—but that’s only the beginning. Beyond that, you want high ethical standards, true integrity, because this person is spending large amounts of your money. The builder should be your advocate in dealing with subcontractors. You want high standards and someone who will fiercely look out for your best interests. Finally, you want your builder to have an excellent “bedside manner.” That is, you want a client-centered person who will listen, collaborate, and be deep-down enjoyable to work with…over the long haul, because large scale projects test the quality of relationships. Tony McClung brings all these attributes to his work. He comes with the full package of positive qualities. Over the years he’s built two exquisite homes for my family and, trust me, you don’t sign on for a second one unless the first was a winner. I know the man and I know his work. Tony McClung is a truly good person and an outstanding professional.  Price Pritchett, Ph.D. Chairman & CEO Pritchett, LP